Reducing EMF is a business born out of necessity. Our founder is a mother who was worried about the effects of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation on herself and her family. Alarmed at the inconclusive nature of studies on the dangers of EMFs and surprised about the lack of quality products on the market to protect against them, she decided to start her own business.

Over the past decade, EMF has become a household term, thanks in part to the growing ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. Everything—including people—produces EMF frequencies. However, the strong EMF frequencies generated by everyday electronic devices have the potential to alter or interfere with healthy bodily frequencies.

Because of this interference, some researchers believe that EMF radiation can increase the risk of cancer and other health concerns. So far, this research has only suggested links and hasn’t proven causation. However, there is no doubt that the everyday nature of electronic devices has led to higher levels of EMF radiation in most homes.

Reducing EMF is committed to helping families reduce their EMF exposure. Even if some studies suggest that the links between EMF and health concerns have been exaggerated in some circles, we believe that the evidence isn’t conclusive enough one way or another to be sure. We provide families with peace of mind by selling products that have been rigorously tried, tested, and proven to reduce EMF radiation—sometimes by up to 98%.

Our products can help you reduce your EMF radiation exposure in several areas of your life. From headsets and headphones to laptop pads and cases, all the way to EMF-blocking breastfeeding blankets, our products help you avoid the unnecessary risk of exposing yourself and your family to excessive levels of radiation.

Reducing EMF does not claim to eliminate radiation entirely. Our products won’t cure cancer and can’t totally shield you from any risks that EMF exposure may carry. What we can do is help you reduce exposure and raise your kids in a safer environment. To learn more, get in touch with us directly.