Bluetooth Air tube Headset

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The EchoTubeZ® Bluetooth Headset is a revolutionary personal hands-free kit that keeps the radiation away from your head. EchoTubeZ® Bluetooth Headset uses hollow air tubes to transmit the sound from your mobile phone conversations and music to your ear, based on patented technology.

Using air instead of wires, limits exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation and dramatically reduces the amount of radiation exposure to the user's head, ear and brain. The tube and earpiece contain no metal conductors and achieve up to 98% radiation reduction. 

The high quality of these stereo headphones allows you to enjoy crystal-clear sound while playing music on your mobile phone, while keeping you safe and protected from harmful radiation. 

- Remote controls on the headset allow you to play, skip and select your music tracks.
- Up to 8 hours playback time.
- Radiation Blocker card to lower the radiation from the Bluetooth device entering the users body.
- Extra sizes of Triple-flanged silicon Ear-Tips, the EchoTubeZ® Bluetooth Headset gives you the freedom and safety to enjoy your mobile phone calls, videos and music with a greatly reduced exposure of radiation to your head.  
EchoTubeZ® Bluetooth Headset is a unique fit for your ear no matter how long your call or playlist is.
- Custom designed for Bluetooth version 3.0+. Supports Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, and HS/HF profiles.
- Clip style which you can wear comfortably attached to your clothes.
- Noise signal ratio: 95Db, high quality stereo sound.

- Magnet clips on the air-tubes enables the user to wear the tubes around the neck.

-Pinch2mute function uses enhanced new hollow tubes to give you the ability to mute your music or calls simply by pinching the tubes.


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Sensitivity                       110±3Db SPL/3Mw/5cm at 1KHz

Range of frequency        20 HZ—-20KHz

Resistance                     16Ohm ± 15%

Rated Power                   3mW

Capacity                         5mW


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