Have you ever worried about your laptop overheating? It might not be the kind of thing that you think about often, but the fact is that computers are more sensitive than many people acknowledge, and if you put too much stress on any of your devices they can be prone to burnout. If you live in a hot climate, the risk of this kind of thing goes up—which means that laptop heat protection is a smart investment. You don’t want to fry your CPU or graphics card.

Those aren’t just buzzwords, either. The CPU and the graphics card are two parts of your laptop most susceptible to the effects of overheating. This is for one good reason in particular. The CPU and graphics card both need to be cooled by fans to function at optimum capacity. These fans, however, are used to move air from outside the computer, which often comes in through vents in the laptop's surface. As a result, dirt and dust can accumulate on these fans over extended periods of time, eventually preventing the flow of air from reaching the most sensitive parts of your computer effectively. This is why laptops often seem more prone to overheating as they age.

Perhaps the biggest risk from an overheated laptop, however, is the one faced by its user. Hot laptops emit higher levels of EMR—electromagnetic radiation. This may become a health risk for people who are in proximity to their devices for a protracted time. The debate on the effects of EMR is still raging, but there are enough people out there with concerns for it to be taken seriously. You may want to buy laptop heat protection for that reason as well.

There’s an easy way to buy laptop heat protection online, too. Contact Reducing EMF, a new company researching solutions that reduce the levels of radiation from hot laptops and other electronic devices. Everything we sell can be tested with a metre to see the reductions in radiation that our products produce. Shopping with us may lower your risk of experiencing health complications due to EMRs, and help you lead a safer lifestyle while using your devices.

What Laptop Heat Protection is Available Online?

We carry several options for reducing the potentially harmful effects of hot laptops, including our popular laptop radiation shield. This product uses military grade materials to provide a reliable barrier between you and your laptop to prevent radiation from reaching your body.

Extensively Vetted

Everything we carry at Reducing EMF has been thoroughly tested to ensure its efficacy, so you can count on our products to function as advertised. Some products are tested with “simulations” that don’t use the actual products themselves, but our tests are 100% authentic and can be trusted to provide accurate information. Contact us today to learn more about our products, or to place an order. We’re happy to assist you.