Technology touches everything around us these days, even to the point where we see items like Wi-Fi enabled water pitchers and door locks. Other technologies have been around for so long we barely pay them a second thought anymore. Consider the case of the headset, which might be used for carrying on a conversation or for listening to music. Headphones of all kinds have existed for decades now, and it's wonderful to have a personal, private way to enjoy your favourite song or hear your friend on the phone. However, the electrical wiring inside of these devices is a constant source of possibly damaging electromagnetic radiation. As science investigates the effects of EMF on the human body, it's not a bad idea to look at alternatives to the traditional wired headset.

That's where Reducing EMF comes in — we offer a convenient way to shop for and buy a radiation free headset online. These innovative products harness the same type of technology once used to allow sailors to communicate across vast naval vessels — the sound tube. Of course, your sound only needs to travel from the phone in your pocket or handbag to your ears. With the EchoTubeZ radiation free headset, you can comfortably enjoy the same functionality without any of the electromagnetism near your head.

How a radiation free headset works to protect you

The way this product operates is quite simple. After plugging the jack into your headphone port and slipping your mobile back into a pocket or bag, put the ends of each air tube into your ears. Using the hollow silicone tube and the air inside it, the sound waves are bounced all the way from your phone so you can hear them. Rather than being distorted or muddy-sounding, however, you receive crystal clear stereo sound — just like if you were using an electrical headset.

Want to change the song you're listening to online or hang up on your current call? The included remote module lets you do so with a push of the button. When you want silence on your headset, the Pinch2Mute feature makes it easy; just pinch the tube, and the sound disappears entirely. All of this occurs without transmitting any additional radiation to your body.

Questions? The Reducing EMF staff is here to help

For something so simple in its concept and execution, the 98% reduction in electromagnetism is a truly stunning result. Are you ready to toss your old headphones in the trash and buy a radiation free headset? Reducing EMF has models for every kind of person, from the busy professional to the health-conscious athlete. Don't forget to check out the rest of our excellent EM-blocking products as well for new and different ways to protect your body from this invisible and dangerous radiation. While our modern technology isn't going anywhere, you can put the power to protect yourself in your own hands today. Want to know more about the radiation free headset we offer online? Just phone us on 0417 916 273 today, and we'll help you choose which model to buy.