We live in a modern world filled with life-simplifying technology. With all the convenience our devices bring it’s easy to forget - or ignore - the potential for related health hazards that can impact ourselves and our loved ones. It is vital to implement tools that align with our technology to counter the less considered and sometimes dangerous aspects of these devices and machines. These include special radiation reducing headphones, belly blankets, nursing pads, and laptop shield covers.

Everyday encounters with microwaves, cell towers, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, electric blankets, electrical devices and a bevy of household items put us in contact with electromagnetic fields or EMF. This type of radiation subtly shares space with us. Rather than fearing technology, it is important to learn how to use it safely.

At Reducing EMF, we want to help other families to protect themselves against radiation. You can buy radiation reducing headphones online and other products that curb the harmful impacts of electromagnetic radiation. For example, our laptop shields are made from a lead-free military grade radiation free material and have radio frequency (RF) shielding. When we consider the time spent with notebooks on our legs, headphones in our ears and other ways we and our children encounter EMF, we realise the value of proactively utilising products that create barriers to radiation.

Buy radiation reducing headphones and reduce EMF

We are committed to decreasing your contact with this endless energy. We know that most of us spend lots of time connected to our cell phones, however, this poses one of the greatest risks of EMF contact. You can purchase radiation reducing headphones online. Using air tube headsets allows you to use your devices more safely. We offer the Classic Headset, Bluetooth, Mono or one ear, and Sports Alrobic. Each replaces the wire from the speakers with a hollow air tube changing the mechanism bringing sound to your ear from an electrical current or wiring to a hollow air tube. The eyes, ears and brain are then disconnected from direct contact with EMF.

Buy radiation reducing headphones online and enjoy high quality listening safely

Air tube headsets in no way diminish your listening experience. More importantly, this tool prohibits the delivery of harmful EMF consistent with traditional ‘wired’ hands-free kits. Radiation travelling from your ear canal to your brain is a real issue, and we want to make sure our customers have a safe alternative that also provides an excellent sound quality.

Whether you're listening to your favourite playlist or talking on your phone, your air tube headset will allow you crystal clear sound quality. Our air tubes are compatible with most modern mobile phones and offer you safe and excellent products at reasonable prices.

We are all exposed to EMF daily, but with a few simple changes, we can limit how much. Cell phones are one of the most common “culprits” but when you make the decision to buy radiation reducing headphones online at Reducing EMF you have indeed created a new level of protection for your health.

Let's face it – our cell phones are one the most significant inventions of our time! At our fingertips, we have access to information from around the world in seconds. It is time to be more conscious about our relationship with our devices.

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