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You love your cell phone. It is your conduit to the news, your online classes, DIY projects, red carpet fashion and your family and friends. It is hard to imagine a time when you didn't have a cell phone, and instead, you had to refer to an encyclopaedia rather than a browser window to find answers to questions. It is hard to remember a time your questions couldn't be answered in seconds.

Sometimes you worry about the health risks, however. You and your children log hours on these instruments each day! Looming in the shadows is the issue of radiation and your connection to it, via your cell phone. Electromagnetic fields or “EMF” is a very real problem. Rather than fear it you can learn to create safe barriers to counter it. Keeping yourself and your family safe from harmful EMF is quite simple when you take a few steps like purchasing Smartphone protection online.

Put your worries to rest when you buy a smartphone with radiation protection online

Many studies show that the risk of some cancers caused by EMF is increased by cell phone use. Reducing EMF wants to help you build a healthy inventory of safety tools to include smartphone radiation protection! Each of our products can be tested with a scientifically proven metre to reduce radiation.

It is important to remember that how you use your smartphone can help to eliminate unsafe radiation from travelling from your smartphone to your body. For example, be aware of the time spent chatting on your smartphone and how close you keep it in proximity to your ear. Remember to keep your phone turned off when you don't need it. Your smartphone still emits radiation even when you're not actively using it.

Try not to use your smartphone in poor service areas. It works harder to connect which means it's also emitting more radiation. These fundamental alterations can save your body from overexposure to EMF.

Buying smartphone radiation protection devices online is easy and affordable

Learning how to use your phone safely in a manner that limits your exposure to EMF is essential. A key tool for safe smartphone radiation reduction will be the type of headset you choose. We stock four different air tube headsets to accommodate your lifestyle and cell phone use. You can purchase a Wireless, Mono (one ear), Sports Alrobic or Blue Tooth air tube headset.

Choosing an air tube to supplement your wire headset is a great decision for your health! Your traditional headset provides a path for radiation to travel from your ear canal into your brain but is prohibited when sound travels through an air tube.

The quality of your listening experience is fantastic without the worries of doing your body harm. Let’s face it – no matter how much you love your smartphone, if health doubts are looming then your overall experience is diminished.

We want you to enjoy your Smartphone and have peace of mind when your children use theirs. Call us today on 0417 916 273, and we can help you choose your ideal air tube headset. We live in a world where technology is so enhanced that we can literally access information from around the world in seconds. There is no reason not to do this safely. When you buy smartphone radiation protection online, you will gain more peace of mind.