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Play it safe & sound with EchoTubeZ® Air-Tube Headset

Engineered to perform safely. Let the new EchoTubeZ® rock your world using premium silicon air tube technology. This means no wires leading radiation and electromagnetic frequencies to the head and brain as independently tested by EMI Test Lab (an FCC approved test Laboratory).

Call after call, song after song. When it comes to sound and your safety we do not compromise. The perfect combination between safety and sound. Fits your ear like a “glove”, you just might forget that they are on you. Very durable, built to survive your busy day.

- Reduces the dangerous Electro Magnetic Radiation by up to 98%.

- Crisp clear sound with all smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and anything that has a universal 3.5mm      connector.


- The enhanced new hollow tube technology brings to you the Pinch2Mute feature to mute your music or call with a simple pinching of the tubes.

-Sound signal ratio: 95Db, high quality stereo sound.

-Remote control module on the headset allows you to play, skip, select answer and end a phone call.

- Strong magnets  on the ear piece so the user can wear the air tubes connected around the neck.

-Additional 3 sets of different size ear-tips that fit comfortably to any users ear.

Why DON'T regular hands-free headsets protect you from mobile phone radiation?
The wiring that connects the mobile phone to the earpiece serves as an antenna that absorbs radiation from the air that surrounds every person. When a regular headset is used with a mobile phone, the radiation generated by the phone and the ambient radiation is transferred through the wire and penetrates the user's head directly through the ear canal. 

Speakers with crisp clear sound

Sensitivity                       110±3Db SPL/3Mw/5cm at 1KHz

Range of frequency        20 HZ—-20KHz

Resistance                     16Ohm ± 15%

Rated Power                   3mW

Capacity                         5mW

Lead wire length             75cm – 100cm

Please see below for the Lab results for this product.

Smart-Safe Air Tube Headset EMI Test Report 1

Smart-Safe Air Tube Headset EMI Test Report 2


Please note, that there are small parts contained within the package that may pose a choking risk to small children.  Also please be aware that there are small magnets on each ear piece that could possibly cause harm to a child if swallowed. 




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Karen 12th Jan 2017

Headaches are gone!

I have been aware for some time that my mobile phone was causing me to get frequent headaches. I have tried many other products that stated they reduced mobile phone radiation with no luck, but it wasn't until I purchased the air tube headset that I noticed a significant reduction in the frequency of my headaches straight away! The sound quality of this particular headset is second to none as well which is a bonus!

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