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HARApad is designed and manufactured in the United States using perfectly safe, military grade electromagnetic radiation (EMR) shielding.  When placed underneath your laptop it drastically reduces your exposure to the largest source of radiation emitted from your laptop. It also helps reduce the heat produced from your laptop.

The HARApad is available in 5 sizes and 2 colours, black or the wood option, which allows for a natural approach to laptop radiation shielding.

Sizes are measured diagonally similar to how you measure your laptop.

The 10" (25.4cm) product is designed for use with Tablets.

The 13″ (33 cm) product is 9.25″ in depth, 13.25″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

The 15″  (38.1cm) product is 11″ in depth, 14.5″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

The 17″ (43.2 cm) product is 12″ in depth, 15.5″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

The 25″ (63.5 cm ) LapDesk product is 11″ in depth, 23″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

This variant is over-sized to allow for the convenient use of a mouse. This product uses our Root technology, which means it’s manufactured from safe, natural / organic materials.


Reducing EMF is the Exclusive Australian Distributor of Genuine HARApad Products.

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