What Is EMF and Why Do You Need to Know about It?

EMF (or electromagnetic fields) have been popular topics of discussion over the past few years. As electronic devices have become increasingly familiar in every aspect of day-to-day life, conversations about the unseen dangers these devices might pose have become increasingly common as well. But what are the risks of EMFs, and what can you do to protect yourself?

Understanding the Concern over EMF

Did you know that your body produces electromagnetic fields? In fact, everything—from the chairs at your kitchen table to the trees outside—produces EMFs. These fields, though, are extremely low in strength and intensity, to the point where they are not of any real concern.

The reason that EMFs have jumped back into the public consciousness with the rise of smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, wearables and other tech devices is that these devices produce their own EMFs as well. These EMFs are considerably higher in frequency and intensity than the EMFs your body produces.

Since every EMF also exudes electromagnetic radiation, it is important to think about the EMFs your body encounters daily. The higher the frequency of the EMF, the more radiation is produced and the bigger the concern becomes. Many electronic devices that people regularly use—especially mobile phones—function on the radio wave frequency or even the microwave frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Microwave radiation has been proven to cause health problems in the past, so it makes sense that one might be concerned about mobile phones or other electronic devices that operate in a similar frequency range.

What Can EMFs Do the Human Body? (And How Can You Protect Yourself?)

So far, studies have been inconclusive about the effects of EMF radiation—at least the EMF radiation that consumer electronic devices produce—on the human body. Some scientists are adamant that there is no link between EMF and any health concerns. Others aren’t so sure and believe there might be links between EMF exposure and cancer or other serious health concerns.

The concern is that the human body is primarily regulated by bioelectrical signals and frequencies. Human cells use EMFs essentially to regulate how the body works. If outside EMFs start interfering with this process, it’s possible that the body’s bioelectrical signals could be knocked out of whack. This interference can affect the way your body functions, from relatively minor things such as sleep cycles to more significant things such as the immune system, all the way to critical things for example cell growth. This explanation clarifies why some scientists think there could be a link between EMF radiation exposure and cancer.

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